Doubling Down on Richie Rich

WaPo has a story today about the possibility of a Romney-Ryan ticket this fall. All I can say is, “yes please.”

Ryan is the only politician in America who makes Romney seem personable and empathetic. He’s a guy who is completely committed to getting the rich richer. He doesn’t try to disguise it. He fully admits this will cause massive pain and suffering. Yes, he gets some good press from Broderesque idiots who see this sort of thing as brave, but he’ll get no play from the public.

I think it might be possible to build a coalition for gutting entitlements, if you package it with higher taxes on the wealthy as a shared sacrifice sort of thing. But nuking Medicare to pay for new permanent tax cuts on the wealthy is political suicide. In a way this is better than Romney-Santorum because with Santorum most people just dismiss the lunacy. Santorum is a dog whistle, an empty gesture to the culture warriors. But picking Ryan would be a substantive choice, a commitment to class warfare on the part of the 1%.

To quote a more savvy GOP pol, “bring it on!”

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