So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Well, this blog has now been inactive long enough that I think I have to make a decision one way or the other. And what I have decided is to stop blogging altogether. Indeed, this is part of a general move I have decided to make in regard to all social media. As with this […]

Omnibus Post

Just got back from vacation, so a few unrelated thoughts:

I am glad the GOP is working hard to prevent the U.S. from turning into a socialist wasteland like Europe. I mean, imagine how horrible if Detroit or Des Moines were to become as barren and lifeless as, say, Rome. Is Paul Ryan evil? Stupid? […]

Making My Day

When I was 15, I remember being quite taken with Morgan Fairchild in The Seduction. It is a pretty straight forward obsessed fan movie, which creates lots of opportunities for voyeuristic scenes as her admirer stalks her. The highpoint (lowpoint?) is when he spies on her taking a bath. I haven’t seen the movie […]

Annoyed Today with the Ballooners

I love the folks over at Balloon-Juice. It is one of the few blogs I read religiously… and by religiously, I mean fanatically. But today they set my teeth on edge. A couple of posts in particular.

First, from Anne Laurie:

What bugs me most about this possibility, however distant, is that I feel it […]

Okay… I’m Back

In addition to technical issues, I’ve been going through a bunch of issues related to blogging. As you know, I periodically ask whether it is worth my time. And in a way, of course, it isn’t. Those of you who read my blog are truly a “happy few.” Also, I am really trying to be […]

Tech Issues

Basically, I’ve been dealing with an endless series of tech issues that continually cause my site to crash or lock-up. I still cannot tell if this is a deliberate DDS attack or if there is a still a server misconfiguration. Made a bunch of changes today. Hopefully that will fix it.

Libya and Other Stuff

I have not written much on the Middle East (or anything else) recently. Let me explain why:

(1) I don’t have much to say. One reason I decided to leave the think tank world was that I hated the pressure of feeling I always needed to have something to say. Look, I’m a smart guy. […]

Yeah, Where are those Pesky Progressive Defense Experts?

Farley is pissing me off recently:

Robert Farley : Lawyers, Guns & Money

Progressives have been excluded from even informal discussions of most questions of military doctrine and technology, but have also made themselves absent from those discussions .

Yglesias adds (Selection Bias at Work):

I think it’s pretty easy to understand why it is […]