Return of Normal Civ-Mil Relations

So, earlier today, I was arguing with Daveed Gartenstein-Ross about his post on Islamism, which I think is quite good by the way, although I felt it made an ill-conceived and pointless attempt to haul Rick Santorum into the mix in an ostensible effort to argue that American “Christianist” radicals are not really as radical […]

Broaden the Bain Focus

So I was recently invited to start posting on perhaps my favorite blog, Balloon Juice.

Crossposting my first substantive post:

Broadening the Bain Focus

In addition to the political benefits for Obama, another interesting dynamic is that attention to Romney’s career in the financial sector is, I think, prompting some additional attention to dubious practices […]

Romney and Bain

I have to admit, I’ve been amused to watch the Romney campaign’s idiotic response to the the question of when he actually left Bain. Really a textbook example of how to turn something manageable into a protracted and wounding issue.

There is an aspect of the Bain story that I do want to focus on […]


Because conservatives are such principled Burkeans, you often hear them complain about liberal policies in terms of “over reach” or “the arrogance of government imposed solutions.” See to hear conservatives talk, you’d think that, you know, if liberals could just be a little patient, conservatives would have the opportunity to unveil incremental and affordable free-market […]

Holding Holder in Contempt

So, the Fast and the Furious investigation is moving towards its perfectly predictable conclusion:

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee took an extraordinary step on Wednesday afternoon, voting to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress after failing to reach an agreement about documents related to a failed anti-gun trafficking operation that sent […]

A Gloomy Prediction on Taxes

Matt Yglesias ponders the Democrats’ bizarre approach to negotiating with the GOP on taxes. He concludes:

Instead the party seems to be in the grips of a dangerous obsession not with increasing tax revenue but with getting Republicans to vote for an increase in tax revenue. The Obama administration appeared to believe in the winter […]

Preparing Another Surrender?

Over at TPM, Brian Beutler, reports on how the economic slowdown is reshaping Congressional thinking on the budget. He writes:

Complicating the parties’ strategy-making is the obvious X-Factor of the election. A Democratic sweep, a GOP sweep, and everything in between each portend different legislative outcomes, and so each party needs to devise multiple contingency […]

Visibility and Resentment — Musings on Inequality

Well, that Wisconsin election is definitely deflating isn’t it? Here we have a case — a clear case documented in the Scott Walker’s own words — of a governor lying to the public, using a false pretense to launch an assault on public employees, and doing so in coordination with a reactionary billionaire from out […]